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Bestselling Michigan author Lynn Austin, an eight-time Christy Award winner, delves into the rich history of our state in her new novel, Waves of Mercy.

With deft skill, Austin seamlessly weaves the story of the founding of Holland, Michigan, into this multigenerational tale of first love, faith and the ties that bind us. Emotionally gripping and historically accurate, Waves of Mercy depicts not only an important moment in Michigan's history, but also the hardships and joys of the American immigrant experience.

In 1897, Geesje de Jonge is asked to write a memoir about her experience emigrating from the Netherlands to the Michigan wilderness in honor of her town's fiftieth anniversary. As Geesje recalls the events of the past, a young visitor to the area, Anna Nicholson, mourns a broken engagement. When these two women, generations apart, meet on the shores of Lake Michigan, their lives are forever changed.

Waves of Mercy is an ideal read for cozy evenings this fall. Readers will find its overarching themes of perseverance, hope and finding your unique purpose resonate far beyond its pages.

Written by Anna Henke, copywriter at Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Photo courtesy of lynnaustin.org.


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