Van Andel Institute Marathon Team Runs for a Good Cause

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The Van Andel Institute (VAI) Marathon Team is lacing up for another year of setting (and crushing) running goals while raising money for a good cause.

As an official charity partner of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and TCS New York City Marathon, VAI has access to a limited number of free, guaranteed entries to each race. Runners of all experience levels can sign up to run with the VAI Marathon Team.

The Marathon Team launched in 2017. Since then, team members have raised more than $278,000 for VAI's research into diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's, in addition to K–12 and graduate education programs at the Institute.

VAI covers all entry costs and other fees for Marathon Team members. There is a fundraising minimum set by each race that runners must meet. 100% of every dollar raised by runners goes directly to research and education programs at the Institute.

Runners join the VAI Marathon Team for a number of reasons. Some have a personal connection to cancer or Parkinson's; others are simply driven by a desire to raise funds for research into these diseases in the hopes that one day, we find cures for them.

We don't yet know what this year's Chicago and New York City marathons will look like, but we maintain contact with marathon organizers, and will keep team members apprised of developments as they happen.

Runners who are interested in joining the VAI Marathon Team can join our waitlists by visiting vai.org/marathon-team.

Courtesy of The Van Andel Institute.


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