Are you ready to get wiggy?

Are you ready to get wiggy with it?
2020 is the 8th Annual Wine & Wig. The event is a perennial favorite that combines a light-hearted, fun-filled night of camaraderie with fundraising for a serious cause. Attendees enjoy food, wine and auctions all while wearing wigs as a sign of solidarity with women coping with breast cancer or a cancer treatment that causes hair loss.

Charity Partners

Four local cancer charities and West Michigan Woman Magazine have joined forces to find a cure for breast cancer and support local women with research, diagnostic, treatment and emotional support.

Aleka Thrash

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Brilliant Entrepreneur

Aleka Thrash's mission is to cultivate beautiful experiences of authenticity that inspire and influence others through multimedia. Aleka is known for her blog, NaturallyACT, that encourages the importance of self-care both inside and out. She feels privileged to use her gift of noticing the inner beauty in others and portraying that beauty through her multimedia creative agency, ACTPhotoMedia. Aleka is the co-founder of Kinky Hair Connection, an annual event created to support and encourage a natural hair lifestyle. In addition, Aleka serves as a committee member for Our African American Heritage Fund with the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Her goal is to encourage everyone to embrace who they were born to be, naturally!

Ready to get involved?
Wine & Wig can't be successful without the support of our community. We would love to add you to our list of sponsors, volunteers and ambassadors. Find out how.