Are you ready to get wiggy?

Are you ready to get wiggy with it?
2020 is the 8th Annual Wine & Wig. The event is a perennial favorite that combines a light-hearted, fun-filled night of camaraderie with fundraising for a serious cause. Attendees enjoy food, wine and auctions all while wearing wigs as a sign of solidarity with women coping with breast cancer or a cancer treatment that causes hair loss.

Charity Partners

Four local cancer charities and West Michigan Woman Magazine have joined forces to find a cure for breast cancer and support local women with research, diagnostic, treatment and emotional support.

Chuck Saur

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Vice-Chair, Conductive Learning Center
Chair, Olivia's Gift
Brilliant Best Supporting Man

Chuck Saur is now enjoying writing and sailboat racing in his retirement, but throughout his career, he worked in several education-related jobs. He retired in 2014 as Project Director for the Michigan Transition Outcomes Project, a statewide effort to help students with special needs prepare for life post-school. In addition, Chuck founded the Conductive Learning Center (CLC) with his late wife, Susie, as they searched for better methods of teaching children with movement disorders. Chuck currently serves as vice-chair of CLC and as chair of Olivia’s Gift, Inc., a non-profit housing organization for young adults with disabilities. Chuck notes that raising his sons, Dan and Nick, is one of his greatest accomplishments.

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