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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 10:44

The Customer Is Always Right

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It's a new year and a new name for your favorite stationery store.

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Christy Malone and her husband ate organic foods and used all-natural beauty products such as deodorants, soaps, shampoo and makeup. It wasn't until the bursting of a disposable diaper on their second child that the couple questioned what products they were using on their children.

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"It's pretty much a family affair," said Margaret (Peg) Finkelstein, Director of the Peg & Mort Finkelstein Historical Archives at Temple Emanuel in Grand Rapids.

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Wednesday, 01 November 2017 07:44

Giving Girls a Voice

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"I learned very early that no matter what was going on in my life, music was the constant that could help me through," said Stephanie Leonardos, President and CEO of Amerikam. "I would incorporate it into everything."

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"Unconditional love is what drew me to this ministry," said Marge Palmerlee, Executive Director of Dégagé Ministries, an organization that offers help—and hope—to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in Grand Rapids' Heartside Neighborhood.

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Breast cancer affects everyone—both men and women.

That's why the American Cancer Society (ACS) recruits men to fight breast cancer through their Real Men Wear Pink campaign.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 11:22

A Strong Will to Survive

"I need to be alive for my kids."

Jori Phillips, a mother to three girls and one boy, was 35 when she felt a lump in her breast. She was breastfeeding her baby when one breast felt empty, and the other constantly felt full of milk.

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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:56

One Thing Leads to the Next

Art was never a particular passion for Judith Hayner.

During her undergrad art history class at Eastern Michigan University, the professor asked her and five other students to stay after class one day. They had just taken an exam, and she thought, "Did I flunk?"

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017 07:23

The Neighborhood Coffee Shop

The worn wooden floorboards creak at The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand, and the back wall is five different shades of paint. "It's gritty, but warm and welcoming," said Lori Slager Wenzel, owner and founder.

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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 07:45

And That’s the Bottom Line

Floriza Genautis, Founder and CEO of Management Business Solutions, Inc. (MBS), knows staffing.

After graduating with a degree in math and computer application from De La Salle University in the Phillippines, she had a job waiting for her. Instead, Floriza moved to Silicon Valley to be closer to her family—and ended up mopping floors at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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