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Instant Cure for Childhood Boredom

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 09:47
"Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM!!!! I'm bored." When is the last time you heard that? Is it happening right now? Before you shut yourself in the closet to escape, create a "bored jar," and curb your children's restlessness. A bored jar can be made of anything, a large mason jar, an empty candle jar, a vase, a cookie jar, whatever you have around the house. Occupy your children initially with decorating and labeling the jar. Then have them come up with their favorite things to do–playing in the sandbox, getting ice cream, making a fort in the yard (or with the… Read more...

Navigating Through the Loss of a Parent

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 14:33
A wave of grief crashes onto a wife who loses her husband, and children get pulled into the undertow. Maintaining strength in these heartbreaking circumstances is crucial, not only for yourself but for your children. They will look to their living parent to be sustained, and for hope. To help your children get through the loss of a parent take into consideration their age, and seek support from family, friends or groups. The younger the child, the more simple the explanation should be. Talk in easy terms for her to understand, and maintain communication on the subject with her throughout… Read more...

Single Parenting Requires Both Oars

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 16:16
Being a parent is tough enough, but what about when you're rowing the canoe on both sides? Although the thought of single parenthood seems strenuous, it is possible to provide your children direction and strength. Challenges ahead always come with solutions, although they may not be initially apparent. Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially if you are working full time. Some employers will be flexible with your hours allowing you to get children on and off the bus or even work from home. However if this is not feasible for your job, do make sure to carve… Read more...

What Do You Do with Your Milk Caps?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 12:58
Families with young children are beginning to implement chores into the daily routine. But like their working parents, children often feel the need to be compensated for their time and effort. Try this method of payment to teach children the worth of working hard. Milk caps can be used as money each time your child completes a chore–one cap for each chore or more if the chore is particularly taxing. Exchange the caps for real money when your child has enough saved. For example, saving ten milk caps is equal to one dime. Help your child learn to save by… Read more...
Entertain yourself and your family using the government's multimillion-dollar satellites. Don't worry, it's not illegal, it's geocaching! Anyone can geocache, says Bridgett Czarnecki of Barry County, who first tried geocaching on a girl's weekend and brought the hobby home to share with her family. "We had so much fun I introduced it to my family when I got back home, and they loved it too," she says. Geocaching is a treasure hunt using coordinates to locate hidden canisters anywhere from under a fallen tree in the woods to the underside of a park bench downtown. Coordinates are entered into a… Read more...

Practice Makes Perfect in Emergency Situations

Thursday, 29 December 2011 15:18
Families can and should practice fire escape routes as much as possible to ensure safety comes naturally to children in case of an emergency. Grand Haven Township Fire Chief Tom Gerencer recommends that families sit down and sketch out the home's floor plan. Discuss with children the best ways to exit the home in various emergency situations. It is essential to have two exits in every room, he says. A window and door are typical, and if the room is on the second story, a collapsable ladder is important. Before leaving the room through the door, feel it or the… Read more...

Feed Your Brain, Walk with Kids to School

Friday, 23 December 2011 10:41
When the cold wind blows, it's likely your kids will want a ride to school instead of braving the frosty sidewalks, but encourage them to continue their own morning commute by accompanying them on their walk to school. When you walk with your children to school, you'll establish a habit of exercise and help to get their brain cells pumping first thing, and you'll benefit too. Expending energy on the way to school can make students more focused when they reach class. According to Stephen C. Putnam, MEd, children who exercise before they reach the classroom show better behavior during… Read more...

Unplug this Winter and Get Back to Family Time

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 15:49
Seeking out ways for your family to bond this winter season? Look no further than your own neighborhood. Lending a charitable hand or cozying up in your own home can be fun for the whole family. Unplug, and try these family-fun activities! • Shoveling—La Niña promises to dump snow on West Michigan this winter, but that's good news for your daughters and sons, if they don't mind a little hard work. Whether school is canceled or your family is together on the weekend, pass out the shovels and get to work. Ask an elderly neighbor if they can lend you… Read more...

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011 15:46
Who says you can only enjoy nature when the leaves are still on the trees? Winter is a perfect time to discover the outdoors, and your family will love searching for treasures surrounded by snow. Print the follow list, get outside, and start exploring! Animal Tracks like rabbits, birds, deer, and mice Berries A Deer Rub Seeds A Hole Dug by an Animal Bird's Nest Icicle Ice on a Pond A Snowman A Snow Angel Happy hunting! To make these memories last, bring along your camera, and post your findings on our Facebook page! Written by: Erika Fifelski was born… Read more...
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